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NISMO K12 March S-tune

Morpheus XIII
04-17-2002, 05:36 AM
Damn what a dead forum. Might even be pointless posting this, but hell, I like this car.

Well, here you go. Nismo's newest addition is the baby of their tuned family (lookout Bimmer-made Cooper!):


08-04-2002, 10:49 AM
Hi Morpheus XIII,

Could you give me some more info. on the new March(K12?) Particularly do you know what has been 'tweaked' by Renault, since taking over 40% of Nissan (Japan). I know Ghosn and his team are relying on this model to get Nissan out of the corporate willderness (i.e. losses), but seriously is this car:

a) Better quality than the K11 model it replaces?
b) What do you think of the styling (especially those awkward upward facing headlamps and 'mini' style rear-lamps--my personal view is that it is not so appropriate for this car!!!)

By the way do you have the specifications for this car?

5th Aug.2002

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