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Vip Style July Issue

05-29-2005, 07:20 PM


The owners who the one step in order to protrude, knead idea, elaborate idea. That ultimate becomes with height low, becomes the facial transplantation which renovates image, becomes the impact large over fender. Of course that is one カタチ of parenthesis good quality of the car. But one part has extended, but in reason, there are also times when it becomes difficult to take the balance of the whole car, as a time.

With the beginning special edition of this month, while overwhelming with the process skill which originality overflows respectively, you observe to the car which excels simultaneously even in total balance. The part in order to produce being settled gathering and method and the like of addition subtraction, being minute, it keeps explaining the prejudice of the delicate owners. Very there being a beauty, unique style as a whole the expectation which it pulls and stands. If the dress rise aesthetics which he et. al. shows is learned, you obtaining the look of envy it is inevitable.


HID where the new work which exceeds the former item is done release successively e.g., the AZ project which makes ブリスク and the worldwide first 50 watts complete HID which developed yellow 4300K, in addition junction produce approaches individually because of the genuine HID equipped car. Directing to the summer, while dress rise of light attracts attention, as for this the news which cannot be overlooked. In order that real value of the next generation HID is questioned, the editorial staff executing thoroughness collection of data then. The capability is elucidated.

Furthermore being shy, the knowledge of HID which you cannot hear after so long a time the basis "it comes and" the empty is kind lecture. "However we would like to attach HID, should read thoroughly アナタthat to tell the truth you do not understand well". In addition from conversion type of back matter to genuine exchange type in the HID catalog which is thoroughly contained the correspondence chart attachment of the genuine valve. It is the super necessary seeing.


More and more, everything of the high-class premium brand rec suspension which refrains from the debut in August is revealed, "truth of the rec suspension" and, study and the car supports the student VIP who is compatible other than "VIP style school", also introduction of new work item such as such as イングス, ボルドワールド, sng, session and milky white is complete. In addition popularity plan "the self-taught method which is perfectly clear" appearance and, this month in special edition places of interest quantity Sawayama. If "the VIP style" July edition is read, now of VIP dress rise understands!

[ Up-to-date specification ]
The debut

[ The debut car of attention is selected from the event meeting place, immediately the り ]
This up-to-date specification of this year

[ The method of mastering ツライチ ]

Aim gain 17CROWN/haute couture BMW E65/brain 30CELSIOR/ザッ プ 15MAJESTA/silk blaze 14ARISTO/アルドワ - ズ 16ARISTO

I gotta get this one!

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