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Yellow Bird in USA!!!

05-26-2005, 07:26 AM
Well the RUF Yellow Bird is now in the states... I have been looking for them to bring this over and soon the new Rt 12 Turbo 05 will be in as well. I may head over to get some photos of the Yellow Bird as well as seeing if my photo has made it back from Germany I was trying to get MR.RUF to sign it but donít know if they sent it over yet. I should give em a call. Here is some info for you till I can get over there.

RUF Yellow Bird

The Yellow Bird was developed in 1987 as the newest RUF high speed sports car and received its certification for normal road use. This incredible car, a 469 bhp twin turbo coupť, exceeded the top speed world record for production cars on the Nardo Racetrack at a rate of 342 km/h!! It was at the time, and still today, a truly astonishing pace. In addition, this same year RUF Automobile GmbH became an approved manufacturer with the U.S. authorities for safety and emissions (NHTSA and EPA).

In 1988 sponsored by Road&Track Magazine, the Yellow Bird won the Fastest Car in the World Competition. It has Aluminium Doors and Bonnet which reduced the weight approxm 400 pounds. The Engine is a 3.4l twin turbo 469hp flat six, with torque of 408lb-ft @5100 RPM.

07-27-2005, 08:06 AM
I didnít say that, this car held the top speed record before the McLaren even existed.

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