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89 Fox - Vacuum Routing

Mr. Fixit
05-04-2005, 12:12 PM
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Just bought my daughter an '89 Fox. Don't have a manual for it but have determined from the forums which brand to buy. Did the tune-up on it and it seems to run pretty good. Found a split hose on what appears to be an accumulator on the driver side of the engine but it doesn't seem to have any vacuum to it. I'm pretty good mechanically but I've got some learning to do on this Fox. Near as I can tell, this is a CIS injection system (round, 4 hoses going to injection ports, 5th hose going to intake, etc...). There is some type of regulator (I suspect) on the fuel line, has a diaghram attached with a nipple for a vacuum hose but there is no hose attached. Should there be? and if so where does it route from? Only issues we seem to have with the car is that it is hard starting once it warms up and it idles a little rough but not bad (I've had a LOT worse). Any info anyone can pass along would be helpful.


05-09-2008, 03:53 AM
ok well i think in all theiry there should be...but mine didnt have it hooked up. i went through the trouble of hooking it up on mine and it didnt seeme to help it very much. what i would suggest (and this is a hoby mechanics thoughts and experionce with the foxes vacum system) would be to find and back track each vacum line and see if you can find a T some were thats open and either plug it or if you feel the need you could run a vacum line to what ever you want to call it. the vacum tanks are just for back up pumps on your breaks if you car stalls while going down the road as far as i know (if im wrong some one please tell me) so you dont lose the vacum assisted braking. i closed the vacum leak off and it runs better but they start a little stiff when there hot any way try running a ground wire from your negitive on your starter to your frame directly they ground it origanly through the allumiun engine block witch gives them a poor ground and makes them a little hard to crank over that and the batteries they run should have about 800+ cranking amps if you go for a battery that it calls for. if its just cranks alot then i would look in to new plugs and wires for it. they probly wouldnt hurt any way.

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