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95 Mystique Megafuse

04-23-2005, 09:53 PM
I am having electrical problems with my 95 mystique inline 4.

After replacing head gasket, timing belt and waterpump, reinstalled the Alternator and connections (2 quick connects and the red bolt on wire), then I had the BAT light on. took alternator off to have it tested and it tested fine. Noticed there was another wire that I previously had not hooked up, it had a ring connector on it, so I figured it went to the bolt on terminal. (checked to make sure it wasn't a ground first)

So then restarted the car, with engine off ignition on, had the BAT light on, started the car, the BAT light went off, thought problem was solved.

Drove it a short distance in my yard and had it idling with the hood open, there was a puff of blackish smoke near the alternator so I shut it off. No visable burnt wires and nothing was hot, but now I have a short and no BAT light at all. Using a test light, I disconnected the negative cable from the battery, and I have power between the disconnected cable and the negative battery post. I have tried pulling fuses from the interior fusebox one at a time to see if it fixed the short with no luck.

A few things I have read suggets there is a mega fuse between the starter and the Alt, could this be the problem? does anyone no where it is? I have unhooked the larger quick connect and the wires from the screw terminal at the Alt, I can not easlily remove the 1 wire quick connect, but still have a short. I am stumped. Any info or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

My mistake has been fairly nice car, the head gasket was the first real problem I have had ( I think caused by the waterpump), and now this electrical issue. I like my car for the most part, like it even more when it runs.

04-25-2005, 11:21 PM
i had the same problem....replaced the alternator and the battery light was still on. turned out to be the megafuse which is located on the rear of the engine. its only about a $5 part.

04-26-2005, 08:10 AM
Yeah I found the megafuse the other day, it doesn't appear bad, using my audiable multimeter, there is not break in the flow thru the fuse, but maybe I will just replace it anyway. The location of the megafuse must be a Ford classic, right on top the intake manifold. LOL

I have pulled about every fuse I can and I still have a short. Guess now its start at the battery and work my way in, unpluging stuff til the short goes away to determin where it is. Man what a headache.

Thanks for the reply

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