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A new Vanquish S to be born...

04-13-2005, 02:04 AM
I had given a lot of thought to the DB9 and ordered one. When it came in I did not fit comfortabley in the car so I had to pass.

I then decided to buy the Mercedes SL600. Last week I had the chance to drive the new Vanquish S. There is nothing I can say other than it was spectacular.

I never knew a car could drive like that. The wifey that evening was saying how can a car be worth that kind of money? The next day I took her for a ride in the car. She then decided it was the smartest purchase we could make in terms of a car. I think she called it a natural high.

I went to the dealership and ordered a 2006 Vanquish S.

Can't wait!

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