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Blackwood 4x4 conversion

03-19-2005, 12:29 AM
How hard would it be to covert a blacwood to 4x4? Is the power train the same as a f150 or expedition? If it is the same it shouldn't be too hard to change, just like changing a lightning over. I think the blackwood in a 4x4 would be a lot nicer than the Escalad(avalache/suburban?) or thrnew f150(Lincoln?) , both of which are low budget compared to a luxury truck made with a style more its own than a cheaper model. Driving a truck like this says a lot more. I think Lincoln f***d up by not just reintroducing a 4x4. That said, I am serious on converting does anyone have any thoughts?

Jim Blackwood
11-07-2006, 12:10 PM
I wonder about this also. I suspect you might lose the front air suspension in the process and gain some ride height and roughness but otherwise at first blush it seems stock F-150 components should bolt right on.


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