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ACT Clutch 92-96 Colt

Hybrid Crx Si
03-18-2005, 07:46 AM
BRAND NEW IN BOX! ACT Clutch Kit - Heavy Duty Pressure Plate w/ Street Disc!

This kit includes these components:
MB-010 - Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
MBSD010S - Performance Street Disc
RB210 - Release Bearing
AT20 - Alignment Tool
Torque Capacity: 322 ft/lbs.


92-96 Dodge Colt Vista 2400cc, 225mm
91-99 Dodge Stealth 2WD 3000cc, 225mm
92-95 Eagle Summit 2400cc, 225mm
89-99 Eagle Talon Turbo, 225mm 2-4WD
90-98 Mitsubishi 3000GT 2WD, 225mm
89-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo, 2&4WD 225mm
91-96 Mits
*Please note this will not work for the 95-up 2.0L Non Turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse


cell: 727.647.0235 (Christian)
email: christian@hyperwiretuning.com

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