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Rt 12 Turbo 05

03-13-2005, 07:11 PM
The RUF Rt 12 Turbo 05 is now available to be ordered.

The new dimension of driving pleasure

The new dimension of driving pleasure has a name: RUF Rt 12. This high performance sports car is the perfect combination of high end performance and every day use.

Biturbo engines show to be the platform for the next evolutionary step in RUF engine technology. Three different performance steps are available: 530 bhp, 560 bhp and 650 bhp. The 650 bhp 3.8 liter engine is of a new construction, which sets a new benchmark in performance and torque.

2WD is standard but 4WD is available on request.

The aerodynamic characteristics of the car are improved with RUF-developed front - and rear bumpers, rear spoiler and side mirrors. The air intakes for the intercoolers are integrated in the wider rear fenders.

The RUF Rt 12 is launched with the latest evolution of the RUF 5-spoke alloy wheels in a striking 19" design at the front axle and 20" at the rear axle. The brake system has big drilled, ventilated discs and fixed light alloy monobloc callipers. The suspension is engineered for a maximum speed of more than 219 mph.

Available as an option is a special RUF sports suspension, which can be lifted hydraulically into a 50 millimetre higher position in order to get more ground clearance for easier parking and garage entrances.

The interior of the Rt 12 has well known RUF-functionalism. Bucket seats and a handy sports steering wheel provide the best ergonomics for a sporty and non tiring drive. RUF instrumentation with traditional green typeface and "Pepita" cloth in the middle of the bucket seats brings the flair of the 50s and 60s sports cars into a modern cockpit. Aluminium parts and details painted in the body colour provide the mix of classic and modern.

The Rturbo is also available with the latest version of the RUF Integrated Roll Cage (IRC) - leather / alcantara trimmed and very unobtrusive.

Can we put a new section up in the fourm's? thanks


05-11-2005, 10:43 PM
How much does it cost??????????????

05-11-2005, 11:05 PM
Well the new body 911 Carrera S has a MSRP of $79K I would think that the price is double or triple that for an official RUF car. They will most likely offer the power upgrades only for half of that. The first one is coming to the US in a few months when it comes in ill go take photos and get more info, maybe a test-drive :naughty: since I have made good friends with them but who knows. Also when this new model comes in the yellowbird is also coming in so ill get photos of that one as well.

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