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Your all invited to...

03-03-2005, 10:28 PM
.........fevermagazine.com (soon to be in print as well) presents a Meet(n'greet), Show(if ya wanna) and All-Nite Party(if you can).

Saturday the 12th at "The Old Ramada" across from the Tacoma Dome.

We have the whole hotel and parking lots reserved. We have invited alot of Factory Reps as well as all the shops in the NW. The FeverGirlz will all be there, scantley clad of course. We have DJ's and a full bar with VIP lounges. We'll have a ton of cool swag and some karts or R/C Drifting. We have very affordable rates on rooms and we will be managing the whole event so we really don't care how many people per room there is. We have packages for all the guests and attendees and the shops will be offering coupons and special deals on parts/service.

We are launching a production company and we will be interviewing people for video segments and driver profiles for our projects. Please call me if you are interested @503.709.2849 (Brandon Meade).

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