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95 mystique problems

02-22-2005, 08:53 AM
I have a couple of problems with our 95. Has been a pretty good car. We are pushing 155,000 miles. We have had an interminent (not so interminent any more) engine light come on for over a year now. When you first start the car it usually is not on for 5 minutes or so, then it stays on. Heat related? I have read some threads and suspect a bad CAT. How can I check this? I do not know how to pull codes off of this care since it is the older style.

Also...we discovered in heavy traffic over the weekend that the cooling fan was not coming on. Engine almost got in the red. Looked at it and notice the wiring harness that goes to the fan was cracking really bad. The insulation was coming off the wires. I insulated the best I could with elec tape. Looked at the fuses. Seem to be good. I am leaning towards an coolant sensor. I guess I need to get 12v to the fan and see that it runs. I also have heard mention of a resistor that goes bad on the fan. Any idea?

Another small problem is the cigarette lighter is not working. Need to find the accy fuse box. We tryed to hook the cell phone to it. No power. Any help would be greatly appreiated!


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