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Your comments on Max Power

02-10-2005, 09:16 AM
hello there,

just had a read through some of the comments on Max Power magazine.
As a writer on the magazine, i'd have to say i disagree with alot of the comments! i also wouldn't mind getting some feedback on what you think to the new design from August 2004.

Basically, Max Power is a carmag for the UK, the cars you see are all what the UK scene are doing, not everyone can afford to do big power and what not but thats not just what Max Power is about.

As much as loving our cars, we also like to have a bit of a laugh in the magazine too, we try to keep it relatively light hearted as well as informative, i dont know if alot of the gaga are too english based but there again, it's a UK mag mainly.

But i wouldn't mind knowing what you think of the re-designed mag, what you think to the cars being used now and what not. Don't keep referring to 2003-2004 issues, they're in the past and it's changed a great deal.

11-11-2005, 10:58 AM
finally a topic like this on the net. since i live in the UK(since may 2005), the first thing i did after landing, was buying a car mag. i bought both MAXPOWER and FAST CAR. FAST CAr is nothing compared to MP, as tehy have the most stupist colums in the world, and show crap cars and they only talking about the fat guys ass and that he has manboobs and everything.

now back to MP. i'm sorry to say this though...it sucks basicly. until i just readed that you wrote Basically, Max Power is a carmag for the UK, the cars you see are all what the UK scene are doing, not everyone can afford to do big power and what not but thats not just what Max Power is about.

thats when i slightly changed my mind on this magazine. i have bought about 3 or 4 mags of max power, and 2 of fast car(the second one i bought was because it had a big HP issue, and it still sucked) I still dont really like the UK style, but that doesnt really have anything to do with MAX POWER, as you mostly show cars from the UK.

for americans: the UK style about cars is this:

1.tiny ass **** cars, smaller than civics, most of em re french(just type in on google ''peugeot 206'' or ''citroen saxo''... you will get an idea.

2. they paint their car like shit... multicolor paint(red green bleu silver orange purple etc). also they put loads and loads of flakes on it sometimes.

3.huge chrome wheels, the kind you nearly see on an SUV. most of em are 20'' orso.(yes still on the frenchies)

4. they call their cars ''pimped''...i mean thats gay!

5.huge ICE systems, who weigh at leas 200KG.

6. nearly no engine modifications at all(yes, they have an exhaust, but normally not even a modified header)

7. euro taillights(chrome again). i read somewhere in maxpower or fastcar that your car isnt modified if you dont sport euro's.

8. the word that you(not you but the one who set the whole magazine up) even dares to say carmag. i mean, a car mag, what i will understand from that is: cars, cars,cars. not this: girls, boobs,girls,boobs, porn, ICE, porn, girls again, boobs, cars. that sucks really.

i now stopped buying maxpower and fastcar, and moved over to banzai magazine and Jtuning. somewhere this week my dad comes home again from a bussiness trip to the US, and brings HCI, turbo mag, modified, superstreet and truckin' in for me, so i can subscribe to 2 or 3 of those.

im sorry if al this sounds a bit harsch, and i mean it exactly like that. i have no disrespect in you though mark. heck, if you publish this in max power, i dont really care. just send me a pm if you do it though, as i will buy that one!



01-01-2006, 08:08 AM
you can actually reply mark....i have disrespct in you now, you make a topic and never even reply to it.

i also read somewhere that you bought a civic...good luck modifying it, but plaese no wide bodykits, chrome wheels etc. that looks so gay

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