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Vette-Viper Challenge

01-30-2005, 09:20 PM
The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new roadracing class for Chevrolet Corvettes and Dodge Vipers. The Vette Viper Challenge (VVC) will pit America’s two premier sportscars against each other in three different classes designed to accommodate different levels of car preparation from nearly stock to completely wild. VVC1 and VVC2 will allow limited modifications and the cars will be required to meet weight-to-power ratios that vary for each model. VVCX will be an “extreme” class where the sky’s the limit and preparation is only limited by the builder’s imagination and the owner’s budget. VVC has been developed with input from many major tuners and racers in order to ensure that the class meets the needs of the racing public, so large fields should be the norm as the word gets out.

“This is another great component to add to the best `big bore' show in town”, said Lawrence Mansier NASA Ohio-Indiana Director and VVC Director, “These cars are tremendous rivals and the speeds and the racing should both be phenomenal.”

VVC will run as a regional class for 2003 with plans to introduce touring series for 2004 and beyond similar to NASA’s American Iron® program. NASA is currently looking for contingency sponsors and interested racers, so please call (510) 232-NASA for more information.

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