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American Stock Car Challenge

01-30-2005, 08:54 PM
ASC provides a venue for late model stockcars similar to those used in NASCAR, Southwest Tour, ASA and other series to compete on road courses. The series will be run as professional touring series offering the potential for television coverage and prize money for certain races. The series was designed to bring the speed and passion of stock car racing to a level where drivers and teams without large budgets could participate. Although ASC is always one of the highest performing groups on the track, the class is surprisingly affordable. ASC is a "spec" class which requires that competitors use a sealed GM ZZ4 "crate motor", a Goodyear D2403 tire, sealed shocks, and other items to keep the field even in terms of car performance and costs. The average cost to build a competitive ASC car has been $20,000.00 and maintenance costs have been very low. With the high performance of the cars, the intense level of competition, and the potential for sponsor support, it is clear why ASC has become the choice series for so many teams.

For more information, see the official site: www.ascracing.com

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