Dissapointing Output

01-26-2005, 02:59 AM
I've just put in my 2001 Skyline GTt in for it's first mods, an ITG induction system and a Dastek Unichip (piggyback ECU). Considering the low mileage (30000 km) I expected a notiable increase on the Neo engine and perhaps break the 300 Bhp barrier. I was supprised when my mechanic informed me the with the new mods my car had been dyno'd at 276 hp which seems pretty much stock to me??? He also said the the car had been pushing just over 240hp before mods. We don't get 100 RON fuel here but whould the use of 98 unleaded cause such a huge loss in performance?

Has any one dyno'd a stock GTt with a Neo engine running 98/95 RON fuel? what were your results?

03-29-2005, 01:01 PM
276 to the wheels, or at the crank?

There is about a 25% drive line loss in the GTRs, so your power output is normal.

04-13-2005, 04:47 AM
well the output your car is putting out is normal...its about what mine was putting out with the upgrades I have done. intercooler,ecu, intake, but stayed with stock turbo 32pounds of boost at .08bar 295 engine hp but 262hp to the rear wheels.... a little more upgrades and you might be able to break the 300 barrier at the wheels...using 100 octane fuel. the 280hp is at the crank not to the rear end....try this website out and its soley dedicated to ER34's www.r34GTT.net (http://www.r34GTT.net) hope you attain what you like to achive with your skyline.

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