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No heat, Car shakes, Low Idle, Windshield Wiper Moter not working right, etc.

97 Mystique
12-31-2004, 01:16 AM
I hope someone can help me out and give me a few pointers, I have a whole list of repairs that I would like to try to tackle on my own. I drive a 1997 Mercury Mystique, 4 cyl.
1) When I am driving, the front of the car vibrates, when I make a left turn the vidrating lessens, but if I make a right turn it gets worse. Is this problem due to worn bearings, or is it something else. I also noticed that my passenger side lower balljoint rubber boot is torn, but I am pretty sure it got torn after the shaking started. And to fix this problem will it be ok or difficult.
2)My heater has been acting up lately. Most of the time it will blow out cold air, but every once in a while it will decide to blow out hot just to spite me. There is enough coolant in the car. does this sound like a stuck thermostate, and are they easy to change?
3)My engine is idleing too low, how do I fix this. When I start the car sometimes on cold days especialy the car will die out right after it is turned on. Also when I rev the engine up to 4000rpm while I am in park it fluctuates in sound every second-RRrrRRrrRRrrRRrrRRrrRRrr. What does this mean, if anything?
4)I let my relative borrow my car for a couple hours. When they were going to come back to drop the car off they realized they left a light on and drained the battery, so they gave it a jump. After that I have had a couple more things going on with my car.
A)Windshield Wipers-when I spray the fluid on, the wipers no longer wipe. Also when I put it in intermitant it does not work. But if I put it on either speed of continous wipe, then it work. WHY is this happening
B)The courtisy foot light on the passenger side will now sometimes stay on while I am driving, very distracting. (Before the jump,and to this day my driver side only turns on when it feels like)
C)My defrost does not work and the swith light by my dash does not come on.
Any suggestions as to what I might to try to remidy all of these problems would be helpful.
Thank You, Jon

03-11-2005, 01:57 AM
damn! the 4000 rpm thing in park is a lock out to you dont over rev the car the rest i say is.. history

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