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break and ALS system lights come on when cold

12-29-2004, 10:52 AM
My sister's family has a Toureg and were getting ready to make a 3 hour trip through the mountains on a cold day last week. When they first started, the warning lights came on. My brother-in-law looked the symptom up in the manual and it said "pull over immediately". After the car warmed up for about 15 minuites, the warning lights went out. This has happened twice.

Although the lights go out, it creates a litlte discomfort on my bro-in-law's and sister's mind that those warnings came on in the first place, especially over the West Virginia mountains with two kids in the car.

Have any of you experienced this? Do you have any clues? Is this a common problem? Could the cold cause this? Low fluid?

Any info is appreciated.

12-30-2004, 12:04 AM
Usually those lights come on when the battery is low, And after the car is started and runs they go out. IF it happens when its cold out it is for sure a low battery. Since Touaregs usually sit on the lot for 6+ months before being sold, the battery discharges a lot. Take it to the VW dealer and have them check it out.. Most likely just needs a good charge w/ the VW manufacturer charger..Or even might need a new battery which is warranty.

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