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SAAB NG900 Convertable, 1996

12-22-2004, 12:10 AM
Hi all. I am new here. About five months ago I bought a 1996 900S Convertable with the 2.3 non-turbo and automatic transmission. The car was flawless but needed some minor mechanical TLC. So far I have wrenched quite a bit on it. To date I have, along with routine maintenance, replaced or repaired:

Interior lights
Water Pump
Front Air Dam
Antenna Shaft
Brakes and Rotors
Fuel Filter
Cabin Filter
Valve Cover Gasket
Spark Plugs
Headlight cover (Glass)
Secondary Air Injector air switching valve
PCV check valve
Various vacuum lines

That's all that comes to mind just now. Nevertheless, I think that the SAAB is an easy car to work on. I have yet to hit a snag that I couldnt knock out without much hassle. It's my opinion that the NG SAAB is not quite as hearty as the 900 series Volvos, but it's faster and more nimble. My car is, for the moment, in perfect condition all the way around. I am rather pleased.

I had been told that the NG900s were bad cars. I havent found this to be true at all. Some of the repairs I did above were just my being anal about things. I wanted the car to be like new so I went overboard on the wrenching.

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