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Prizm performance mods

12-11-2004, 08:44 PM
If anyone has any prizm performance mods...like turbos and performance chips or anything please let me kno....I already kno dat u can look at Toyota Corolla and use those but u might have to change some of them and I dont want to have to change em...

02-23-2005, 04:10 PM
here is a link to nopi's online store and the 90-92 prizm parts page (http://www.nopionline.com/nopistore/dsp_catalogs.cfm?vcatyear=1991&vmodelid=040&vmakeid=134&vtitle=GEO%20Prizm), where you can find a good clutch kit, lightweight flywheel, and other small things. and heres the link to the same year corolla (http://www.nopionline.com/nopistore/dsp_catalogs.cfm?vcatyear=1991&vmodelid=040&vmakeid=420&vtitle=TOYOTA%20Corolla), where you can find many things that will swap on without modifications of any kind, like the body kit for the 4 door, performance rotors, headers for the 4a-fe single cam and the 4a-ge dual cam, depending on what you have, and suspension. just remember that the prizm is tha same as the base model corolla and not the sr5 or the ae86, and youre good to go. also, here is the link (http://turbokits.com/corolla_turbo_kits.html) for a turbo kit for the 4a-fe/7a-fe motors, which will work on prizms up to a 97. some other good sites a www.4age.net and www.corollacarclub.com. hopefully that helped

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