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'91 Volvo 960 flashing E/W and UP arrow...

12-01-2004, 11:01 PM
My '91 960 wagon experiences an intermittant problem where the E, W, and UP arrow on the dashboard flash. Cannot find determine any causes from a driver standpoint. The dealership stated that they did not find any code problems and that it should be driveable. I have read that it could be a gear position sensor/PNP switch. Are these the same thing or two different parts, and what does each do? Best guesses as to where to start or what to try first. Thanks.

12-03-2004, 10:16 PM
if you don't get any other posts on here try this site www.brickboard.com. it's a forum site strictly for volvo.

03-03-2005, 11:38 AM
Hi. My 1992 960 sedan has the exact same problem. It seems to be worse in wet weather. I am also having trouble finding much info on this problem . Mine will also get "stuck" in the weather mode. It feels like your driving aroumd in 3rd gear all the time, then in will suddenly start shifting agian.

Did you find a fix for this yet?

04-15-2005, 08:51 PM
Got the same problem with my 92 960 wagon for the last 50k miles without an issue. I put a piece of tape on the up arrow light. Don't touch the W button. Problem solved...

05-20-2006, 04:53 PM
Its a Stuck electrical relay for the transmission== about $30 to replace--MIKE

09-16-2006, 12:54 PM
A friend changes transmission fluid on his 1994 and it goes out. He changes fluid a couple times a year. It seems funny but it works it may be freeing up the valves he also adds a tranmission medic this brand looks like stp almost like honey. He bought a 1996 in florida for his wife bad transmission changed fluid and drove it home. Still using it two years later.

09-23-2006, 06:44 PM
The "PNP switch" or neutral safety switch can cause this problem.

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