Greetings Axxessorites

11-29-2004, 01:40 AM
What's up?!

Just found this forum, but it looks like its either dead or dying.

Hate to see this since its difficult to find a forum dedicated to this fun-to-drive microvan.

What's to love about a little Japanese van-like thing like the Nissan Axxess?


The KA24e and 5-speed manual are a perfect match for this vehicle. Its a runner. A van white-smoking tires all the way through 1st and laying a patch in 2nd is more than entertaining for both driver and mystified onlookers. :eek:
It can live forever. I've been extremely rough on this vehicle, and with 233,000 miles on the odometer, it still runs like a top.
It has a growing performance parts aftermarket for those who want to build the ultimate sleeper - Jim Wolf Technologies can pump your KA to over 500 hp if'n you wanna. Even if driving a stock or mildly modified Axxess, the guys in their weed crushing Hondas CANNOT "WIN" if they race you because they will either be "beaten by a van" (quite likely) or they will have been "almost beaten by a van". :loser: Either way - they look bad and you come out smelling like a rose.

I've decided to have some fun with my aging van. Hey, why not?! Maybe you'd like to have a little fun with yours too?

I'd like to see this forum live. How about it?


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