MGA engine .i.d #'s

70 GT
11-27-2004, 07:38 PM
Howdy all,
I picked up an engine,trans combo from a guy who says it's from a MGA. :screwy: I don't know for sure what I've got here,have numbers from from block,cyl head and trans.I do know that the trans is an o.d. unit.I've owned at least one "B" for 25 + yrs.Maybe some of the pros knows what I've got.
Engine #'s
1B 2363
Wes Lake Patent
Cyl. Head #'s
1B 2291
Trans #'s
Mowog AEO 3174
Type BN 2
O.D. #'s
Laycock De Normanville
Serial no. 28/1447/001458
Patent no.GB 456007 Coventry England

Any help would would be great.Thanks for your time. :banghead:

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