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Danielle van Dam

02-26-2002, 08:42 AM
Undoubtedly most of you have heard of this story. This is the 7 year old girl from San Diego who has been missing (and presumed dead) for about 2 weeks now.

Anyway, these are the issues that are irritating and puzzling me.

1) It is obvious that the vehicle used to transport her in the process of this crime was David Westerfield (her neighbor). With Joe Public being the best source of information for the police, WHY IN THE HELL HAVEN'T THEY SHOWN SUSTAINED PHOTO'S OF THE MOTORHOME ON THE NEWS ASKING FOR THE PUBLIC'S HELP?

2) The mother and David Westerfield were in the same bar partying the night Danielle disappeared, and to me (and other people) the mother's sorrow is extremely insincere..... Why does it not appear the police are pursuing her as an accoplise? Just because she passed a lie detector test? Hell Jon Bonet's parents have passed lie detector tests, and they are guilty as hell.

3) Psycic's have been used to find many people, and solve a lot of cases. Why didn't the parents, or police hire multiple psycic's immediately after her disappearance? What if she wasn't dead the day after, just badly injured and left for dead? Even if you don't believe in psycic's, it sure wouldn't have hurt.

4) With no physical evidence (ie visible blood, shreds of her clothes, etc) at the begining of the investigation, why did they single out David Westerfield?

5) When the DNA results were released on Fri. The police statement was "The blood traces found in the motorhome, and on some of David Westerfields clothes (pay attention here) match that of a child approx. 7 years of age. They did not claim in the news conference that it was a direct match do Danielle.... the media proclaimed that. It is well known that David Westerfield was friends with the other neighbors, whom have two children approx the same age as Danielle. These parents and children visited Davids house frequently, so what's the possibility of it being one of the other childrens blood? Is David Westerfield a scape goat? ( I don't think so, but I do think more people are involved)

Sorry, I had to vent. When it comes to the police screwing up an investigation involving a child, it really chaps my hide.

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