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Need to sell fast...Well Equiped Range Rover Classic

11-20-2004, 01:20 PM
It is coming down to crunch time and I need to sell this Range Rover Classic. At this point I am willing to accept ANY decent offer, money is tight and the Mrs. is on my case.


The truck runs AWESOME and has has some extensive work done to it. The suspension system is awesome two months ago I kept up with a D-90 w/ SG S-3 with almost no problem. The Super Swampers are a bit rough on the road but even at 75mph it stills ride very good. See the list below for details:

3.9l Engine [80k miles] pulled from a 1998 Defender 110 UK Spec Rig
14CUX ECU & Wiring Hardness Installed w/ 4.2 Chip
ZF Transmission [67k miles] pulled from a Discovery Series I, has heavy duty clutch packs & high volume pump from a 4.6
LT-230SE Transfer Box [2k miles] pulled from a Discovery Series II
Great Basin HD 4.75 Gears Front & Rear w/ Military HD Carriers
LRNA One-Piece 10 Spline Axels w/ Larger CV Joints
Custom Reinforced Black Steel Wheels w/ Almost New 9/34x16 Military Super Swampers
QT Front & Rear Differential Guards
RoverTym HD Front & Rear Links [Adjustable for 1-5” Lift]
Raised Breather Lines
RoverTym Adjustable Pan-Hard Rod
RoverTym Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit w/ OME Defender Style Damper
Rebuild Swivel Ball/CV Assemblies
Red Rhino Stainless Steel Brake Lines
2” Suspension Blocks
3” Custom RoverTym Springs [Expedition Rated]
Scorpion Racing Front Dislocation Cones
RoverTym Rear Dislocation Cones
RoverTym HD Rear Upper Loop Style Shock Mount
RoverTym Front & Rear Lower Loop Style Shock Mounts
LRNA Discovery II Loop Style Upper Shock Mounts
Old Man Emu N76 Expedition Long Travel Shocks [Offer’s Very Soft Ride Under Load, Great For Articulation]
Bearmach Adjustable Rear Ball Joint [Self Leving Unit Removed]
NRP Exhaust
Front & Rear Lenghtend Custom Drive Shafts, No Vibration
2” Polyurethane Body Lift
Red Rhino HD Rock Sliders
Red Rhino Extreme Front Winch Bumper
Duke 8,000lb Winch w/ 125’ Dynaflex Synthetic Winch Line [All New]
Hi-Lift Jack
Red Rhino Limb Raisers
Hella Fog Lights
CAT Side Lights & Reverse Lights
Red Rhino Snorkel w/ Camel Trophy Style Snorkel Top
Voyager Roof Rack System
Hella H4 Upgraded Headlight System
TJ Custom Fender Flares
Red Rhino Products Rear Tubular Bumper
Mud Flaps
Hellroaring Technologies Dual Battery System
Dual Evermax High CCA Batteries [3 Year Warranty]
Discovery Series I Manual Seats
Rear Seats Removed, Custom Full Length Flooring System [Rear seats to be included with truck.]
Pioneer Stereo System
CB Radio w/ Firestick
Dash Mounted Fan
Discovery Series I Automatic Shifter Mechanism
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Plugs & Wires
MAS Sensors
Motor Mounts
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filter [Converted to New Style Thread On/Off]
Clutch Fan [Upgrade to Metal]
Coil [Relocated Inside Cab]
ECU [Relocated Inside Cab]
Transmission Kickdown Cable
eBrake System [Upgraded to new Disco style]
All Wiring in Engine Bay & Positives & Grounds Re-ran & Heat Protected
At this point the truck just needs a little TLC, the paint is somewhat faded but it great shape for an 88, the interior is in great condition but could use a good detail [shifter tape that reads D,P,R,1,2,3 is torn.]

Other than that the only other known problems are the pass. side rear window doesn't work, the main sensor for the A/C needs replaced, the speedo cable needs replaced

Please email all serious requests to jason@get-rhino.com or call me direct at [904]662-1414. Pictures are available also at http://www.get-rhino.com/jrrc/

Thanks for the board space!

Jason Michaels

11-13-2008, 07:39 PM
wow, that is a classic rover. what year is it?

11-13-2008, 08:50 PM
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