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Finally a Coupe version!

Ion Pulse
11-18-2004, 02:52 PM
After years of speculation MG Rover have finally come clean a released the first pictures of the MG GT Coupe. Based on the TF roadster, the GT will retain the drop tops mid-engine layout and major components. It will be powered by a either a 160hp 1.8Turbocharged K-Series or a newly tuned 200hp 1.8Turbo. There is also the chance of a X-Power , 2.5V6Supercharged version, which would pump out around 220bhp and shunt the light weight roadster from 0-60 in under six seconds. This engine is already been demonstrated in MGs ZT range in Australia. Although production has'nt been confirmed, it is likely to begin next summer, due to big demand. I still have my doubts about the cars interior which is dated and ergonomically unsound, it has'nt been changed much since the cars original debut(as the MG-F)back in 1995. Perhaps thats why MG Rover is keeping tight wraps over the inside of the car, perhaps they have pulled a fast makeover. :naughty:


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