ATTN. CO, TX, AZ, NM Road Racers - Oct. 9-10 Last SWMS Road Race

09-28-2004, 03:59 PM
The only way road racing - and hot lapping street cars- succeeds is if and when each of you talk up each event in your area. The last event of the year happens soon in Albuquerque at Sandia Motor Speedway's 14 turn 1.7 mile road course. Great aerial photos here -

So let's make this event the biggest of the year. Talk to your car friends. Mention the event at work. Call you buddies a state away. Invite everyone to experience the Hot Air Balloon Fest (800 balloons) and Sandia's technical and fun course.

SWMS allows street cars to participate in our lapping group - very LIMITED passing, very safe! A drivers school is included in our events - very well thought of. Not certain you'
re ready to beat on the daily driver - work a corner, tech, help somewhere! You will have fun (more so on track).

Details available at the club web site -

03-29-2005, 12:38 AM
I might be intrested, me and my father have gone up there to watch stock car races. After a few it was very boring. I heard they sold the track thoes? Is this true? Also sorry for the Q's but Im a idiot and I need people to repeat stuff, this is street cars like I can bring my civic out just for a few laps to get the feeling of racing on the track?

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