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2004 Jetta diesel

09-22-2004, 08:21 PM
Thinking of purchasing a diesel 04 Jetta.
Any pro's or con's with this vehicle?
Fuel mileage to exspect?
Power? Good or lacking?

Thanks Roger

09-29-2004, 05:31 PM
Try vw.com :banghead:
But seriously, here's my :2cents:
If it is going to be a daily driver and your main concern is fuel economy, then I'd say go for it. I've heard numbers around 45mpg, although I can't say for sure. However, if you want something quicker, go for a 1.8T or VR6. TDI's have a lot of torque, but hp is rated at about 100 (1.8T claims 180hp while VR6 claims 200). That's flywheel, btw. Wheel hp would be probably be somewhere in the high 80's (I think). It really just depends on the type of driver you are.

10-03-2004, 02:33 PM
Thanks TypeX, My sis-in-law just brought it back from the dealer and I took it for a test ride!! With 5 people in it, it has alot more power than I exspected, I think she'll like it!

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