One available firewall passageway

09-21-2004, 09:49 PM
for the RD series tibs. 97-01.

cut a little hole in that plug right behind the Throttle Body. wrap whatever you need to fish through with a "unravelled" coat hangar. then just push it through. it would be a good idea to take off the plastic panel that covers the bottom of the steering column and contains the dimmer switch, so you can grab the wire.

two screws at the bottom of it, pop out that little tab at the top right to expose another screw. to get to the other one, i get some needle nose pliers, grip the dial of the dimmer switch, then gently pull on it untill it pops out.

use for everything!!!!! just spend some time looking through it, the thing is great.

heres some quick pics of the spot i snapped.

other people have said there is a spot down by the passenger cabin fuse box that is much bigger too. check this...;f=15;t=000686#000000

12-18-2004, 09:08 AM
Nice write up. Thanks. It will surely come in handy for the members to follow through.

BTW, one question. For those that have an automatic, would you it be safe to say that one can also go through the firewall where the clutch pedal would have been? Please advise.

Thanks, good job.

TS out

12-18-2004, 04:15 PM
there is a plate there on the automatics, tha can be removed via a couple bolts i think. i guess you could use that.

that spot by the fender seems to be the popular alternative for bigger wires though.

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