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97 Tracker 4wd

08-30-2004, 07:20 PM
I am trying to replace the passengers side ball joint on a Tracker that I will be selling. I've done this before on other vehicles with no problems. I bought a Haynes Manual to use as a guideline and for torque values. The manual showed a lock washer with bendable tabs and a standard nut that must be removed in order to remove the rotor/bearing assembly. When I got to that point, it appears as though I need a spanner wrench/socket of some kind. The local parts store doesn't have a clue which wrench and the two off-the-shelf ones won't fit. I only found one place online that claims to have one and they charge $85.00!!! I've purchased spanner sockets before and they are usually only $10-$15.

Does anyone know a place to buy one fairly inexpensive? Or does anyone have a used one I can buy/borrow/rent? Since I'm selling the Tracker, I hate to pay almost $100 (incl. shipping) for a vehicle-specific tool I will never use again. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

03-08-2005, 04:37 PM
I also had the same darn problem for over a month when changing out my front wheel bearing, i searched high and low and went to every automotive parts and 4x4 place i could get to with no luck. Why do they put a part on that no one will carry the darn socket to loosen it is just STUPID!. I wasnt going to pay $95 for the spanner wrench required, i just bought the locknut from the dealer, and saved my recipet. I then purchased a 36mm socket, took the socket and locknut to a local welder and he in turned welded 4 pins on the end that will hold the torgue of 150 pounds, make sure the welder knows this. I then took back the locknut to the dealer and got a refund, went home and used the fabricated socket which work like a BEAUT!. All but $10 is what they charged to put the pins on the end of the socket, Hope this helps ya out.

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