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Option Magazine

Morpheus XIII
02-03-2002, 02:29 AM
Japanese magazines tend to have a different layout from our domestic publications. I find it interesting that the overseas circuit racing can get into heavy detail when put on paper, much more than boring old drag racing. Instead of endless lists and lists of quarter mile times, they've got maps of many courses, with indications and markers discussing how one should go about getting through the turns and what to watch out for. I also remember one article in Option showing the proper way to drift through S-turns and such. Our magazines in the U.S. have been recently getting into this "JDM" splurge, stating how new and overwhelming the international scene is. Kind of lame, if you've been reading Option for eight years now. The whole "JDM" thing has always been there, but only in the past year or two has the import scene adopted the traits of our foreign brethren, finally axeing the chrome Antera 1-2-3 wheels and tinted headlight covers. About time!

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