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Need advice - I have a chance to buy an '03.5 G35

08-03-2004, 02:24 PM
The G35 is an '03 with 9,999 miles on it. It's born date is Jun '03, so the in-service date is probably Jul or Aug of '03. Thus the car basically has a 3 year 50K factory warranty left on it. It is a Twight Blue, and comes equipped with the Premium Package, Sunroof, Trunk Mat, and body side molding. Right now, I can get it at 28K - but there is still room left to deal (I'd be trading in my '03 Avalanche which is loaded and only has 5700K miles on it).

Here's what concerns me... there isn't a used book value on '04 G35s yet, but will be when the 05s arrive (less than 2 months away). That means that the '03.5 G35 value will decrease too. How much of a drop in value would everyone speculate will occur? 2K less... 3K less...? The '03 originally had a new car invoice of $30,207. I went out to the Kelly Blue Book site and plugged in 10 miles (let's pretend that I drove it home from the dealer and garaged it) for an '03 Trade-in value and got a dollar value of $26,050. That means that the '03 roughly dropped over 4K in value.

I don't have to trade now (or actually any time)... I could wait until the '05s come out and look at getting a low mileage '04, or could still get an '03 albeit it at a better price.

Is it a good deal on the '03... keeping in mind that it will drop in value again shortly?

Thanks in advance for your help.

CaTasHtRoPhE 67
08-06-2004, 11:35 PM
well if you wait intil the 05 comes out and the value of the o3 will drop in value if its just 2 months and you can still get that car in 2 months from now for cheaper thin is aw wait or get a used 04 thin

just aksin will this be a coupe or sedan

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