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914 resurrection

07-11-2004, 11:29 PM
i have a 75 914 2.0L that has been sitting in my dad's garage for 10 years. just brought it from the east coast to orange county california, and i plan on resurrectiing it. engine didn't run well before it was put away, and it wasn't intended to be put away for any amount of time - it just sat. anyone have any helpful hints on what i should look for or stay away from?

here's what i know so far:
engine turns over manually (rotating a wheel while in gear), mufflers rusted - heat exchangers good, rear sags quite a bit compared to front, its injected, i replaced the fuel lines from the tank to the engine about 5 years ago when it started leaking, brake pedal doesn't seem to return all the way, and it has a few little electrical bugs. beyond that, no body issues.

i was going to take it to someone who knows what they're doing, to initially get it running, but i don't want to get robbed. any help on what to look for? where to take it? where to get parts? is it worth it?

07-12-2004, 01:11 AM
What part of Orange County are you at?! I'm at the very western part of Yorba Linda. I wouldn't mind checking out what you have. I don't know too much about 914 in stock form. I ran my 1.8L injected engine for a while, but I bought the car to stick a small block chevy in it. I've been so busy lately, I'm not totally sure when I'll be driving it again.

The 2.0L engine is hot from what I understand. If you run it with that engine, it would be great. If you decided to do a 6 or 8 cylinder conversion, you should get good money for whatever condition the 2.0L engine is in. I believe the 2.0 what built specifically for the 914, but I'm not sure about that. I do know that bug builders are always glad to get their hands on one. If you decide to stick with the 2.0 and end up having the engine torn apart, swap out cams for a hydralic lifter setup. You'll loose a little power, but never have to adjust valves ever!

My 1.8L had l-jet injection, and it's suppost to be a good running system when it works, and as I found out, a pain in the @$$ to work on when it's not perfect. Yours should have the d-jet which I think is a better setup. Wouldn't be a bad idea to swap out for carbs. I'm assuming it will be registered in California, so it is smog exempt.

Having a good body is great! Just check for rust!!! There's no such thing as a rust-free 914, so if you don't find any, you aren't looking hard enough.

Don't be suprised if the engine it toast from sitting, gasoline gets old quick, and engines don't like it. I'd try to get it running before taking it to someone. Please change it's oil - errr sludge as it probably is now!

Engine turns over - great!

Mufflers rusted - I think they all are now!

Rear sags - no problem. Can get repro springs for whatever application you want for your car just about anywhere.

I decided to go V8 before I even bought my car. When I bought mine, it looked really cool....until I fired it up and sounded just like a bug :(

I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and got a ride in a 500 horse 914. Really cool stuff, but I'm not going to that extreme. I'm building a mild built engine that can be used with the stock tranny and have a very reliable, impressive, and good sounding clean 914! :biggrin:

I would be glad to come over and check out your car any time I'm free! Other than nights like now, which I'm barely awake, I'm pretty much booked until September, but I get a day off now and then. The question about money is a matter of how much you want to spend, and what you want done. I'll have about $15k into my car when it's done. Sounds like a lot, but when I'm eating up new Corvette's and circling Vipers, the cost factor seams a little bit more worth it.

Maybe you saw me driving my little yellow monster last November.


07-23-2004, 01:27 AM
thanks for the advice. i've taken lots of it when looking into what to do. its being torn down right now - we'll see what we come up with. so you can guess i've been very busy lately. i'm in OC btw. and i think i have seen your car - as mine used to be yellow and your wheels look familiar.

08-02-2004, 01:32 AM
Hi 4runnerwoman,
you should check out the 914club.com site...they have alot of info on these car's, and if you have any questions, theres alot of people that can answer them


08-04-2005, 12:00 PM
You are in the same boat as most 914 owners.
Fortunately, you have a 2.0L; a great place to start.
1. Change your oil.
2. Siphon out the gas and refill with new gas.
3. Buy a new battery.
4. Try and start it.
Don't worry about how long its been sitting.
These motors will run forever. They are brutal. The fuel injection system is the weak link. Are you still running fuel injection or did someone switch over to a carb. I am a strong supporter of carbs. Delortos are my drug of choice. The bigger (40mm or 48mm),... the better.
Secondly, Sagging ass is one of the many problems that plague these little cars. The rearend is easily shimmed to get it back to snuff. If your interested how, just ask. It won't be exactly a short answer.
Consider it,
PS I used to work in a Porshe repair/race shop. I owned a 916 replica.

11-17-2005, 06:35 PM
Ihop, did you happen to get a look at the 914 with the WRX swap while you were at Renegade? :D

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