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FocusFanatic magazine

07-06-2004, 11:57 PM
Hello everyone,

This thread will be about Primedias new publication Focus Fanatic. It has just recently came out and is trying to get enough people to purchase it to become a weekly or bi-weekly publication. The magazine focus' on well... the Ford Focus and the aftermarket parts and companies that are helping to put Ford's quick little hatch into the spotlight. If you have read the magazine, how did you like it?

01-13-2005, 03:59 PM
Well, It has some interesting stories and good photos.Steve Turner had a very balanced opinion on the new ST focus in his column.I dont think I would have been as polite in my comments about a version of a popular car that has been softened AND is only offered in sedan form as the HOTTEST version available.The "Beg or Zoom"article that followed should send everyone to their Mazda dealer for their version of this chassis,if this is what they must have. Now things start to go downhill a little bit. The Saleen focus.$25.000.00 or more for a focus that has nothing a half ways competent car geek could not do for himself for half as much cash.Plus it has that cool N2o kit that voids the warranty if you hook it up the rest of the way.Why these guys would help promote this sad device is beyond me.The "Class Reunion" article was very cool,Fiestas are still a nice car with all kinds of potential.Too bad these cars are not flashy or ricer enough to be considered "IN" any more. "No loss in translation" was a nice article about a very tastefully done and understated modified car! I loved it.The last story of note is the"Drop the cammer"piece.I have seen one of these in person.It is what FRP would do with a focus if they could(they hateFWD).It is also a fifty thousand dollar car.The article didnt say that.Overall I liked the diy stuff.Pauls HP is a great shop They rule in my area. hope this mag lives and evolves.

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