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HELP NEEDED ON A old horizion

07-01-2004, 08:35 PM
HI we have a horzion i dont know the year but we used to use it on the farm then last year the rad. blew so we parked it. Now i went to go get it after a year it fires up i have it runnig for about 5 mins then leaveto go get something come back and everything is in smoke i put the fire out.

Now i cant get the Transmission to go into park its stuck in Neutral.

It wont start it turns over but wont start i found out where the fire was it right behgind the motor on the left side (passenger side.)
I stuck my hand in there and i felt burnt wiring i pull some and its all melted i put the wires on the batt. and yep theere smoking.
I look but cant see where excatly. and what wires.

Im not to worried about the wireng unless i have to this is goign to be in a DEMO DERBY. So i just need it to start get it in gear and go.

i might end up findign the wireing and change some of it. But what would make it not go out of netrual?

If i have to i will take that shifter off and rig it up so theres a diffretnt set up with some medal.


07-12-2004, 01:57 PM
Here's what will help you:

A. Let the Horizon burn.
B. learn to spell, your post was as hard to read as a Ford is hard to start.

07-18-2004, 01:46 AM
lol thats funny

08-02-2004, 03:28 AM

08-11-2004, 03:10 PM
sounds like the fire might have melted the gromets for the shift linkage.

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