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Arosa v Lupo

Ion Pulse
06-25-2004, 12:37 PM
Where is the logic in buying a VW Lupo where you can but exactly the same car for less money. The VW Lupo and Seat Arosa are near identical but in my opinion the Arosa beats its cousin everytime. It looks better, its cheaper and offers better warranty and other plus points. You can pick up a Seat Arosa for under 6000 whereas a new Lupo is 1500 more expensive.

So in theory you can have VW quality and Seat for a bargin price. Thankgod VW has come to its senses and will be offering a true budget car(the VW Fox) later this year. Its a shame that Seat are axing the Arosa because it offered something unique.

The stylish and cheaper, Seat Arosa
More expensive VW Lupo

rupo gti
04-28-2005, 12:19 PM
Wot ru talking about?
Point 1> You get a better warrenty? How? You get exactley the same warrenty with both cars, 3 years, both covering the same things.

Point 2> Arosa a better car? U state in ur second para that VW quality is something to be praised. Why not buy the real thing if u want the quality, thats where the extra 1500 comes in.

I can see the point ur trying to make but the simple fact is that whilst the two cars are very similar there are striking differences. VW offers a much wider range of engines (arosa offers 3, vw offers 5 (admitally not seats fault)) and not only is the interior of the lupo a much better quality but it is in my opinion a much nicer place to be. Yeh the arosa is a much better budget buy, but it is noway the better car to buy.

P.S and as for showing a range topping arosa and a bottom range lupo, take a look at the lupo gti against any arosa.

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