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05-14-2001, 11:23 PM
Polo G40, are they sold in the states?

05-15-2001, 08:05 AM
Nope. Only outside the U.S. They look like a mini version of the golfs.

05-19-2001, 08:38 PM
man.. I didnt know a golf could get smaller :)

05-19-2001, 10:14 PM
Originally posted by Kris94G20
man.. I didnt know a golf could get smaller :)

Remember Le Car?:D

12-13-2001, 02:08 PM
I thought polos were the same size. hmm I guess I'm wrong. Aren't they faster than a golf though?

12-23-2001, 09:40 PM
Originally posted by DVSNCYNIKL
Nope. Only outside the U.S. They look like a mini version of the golfs.

better looking IMO

Exar kit
01-25-2002, 09:33 AM
if you like the polo g40, why not look at the golf G60/corrdoG60, i seen some polos in us under the name of Fox , the polo rages from 1L to 1.3 from 80-89 and then it had the 1.6 and 1.9d, and of corse the G40, but going from experance, of a 1.1l polo with a 5 speed Mt box froma 1.3l polo gt cupe its too heavey to get any thing good out of it , m mind you i had no expercan with golf gire box's they could be the same i have no idea if they are the same,

07-15-2002, 11:50 AM
The Polo is a small Volkswagen, looks like this:

They have gas engines from a 55hp 1.2L I3 to a 100hp 1.4L I4, as well as some FSi, TDi and SDi diesel engines.

As for the G40, volkswagen made 500 mk2 Polo GT G40, and from 1991 the G40 bacame part of the mk3 Polo lineup. I don't know how many they made.

04-21-2003, 07:07 AM
this polo is the 4th version of the polo !

the polo g40 was created on mk2 & mk3.

89-95 maybe

i have sone friend which have a g40.

this polo is the same techology as Golf mk2 G60.

but the g60 is a 1.8L 160PS 1.100 kg

and the plo g40 is 1.3L 115PS 700kg

the polo have better perf than golf on winter and when the weather is cold ....

but their is some 16sg60 > 200ps and those car are terrible

did you know the mk2 limited ?

5 places, the look of old mk2, but VW Motosport create the 1.8 16s g60 210ps ....:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: my favorite car but 70ex in the world :eek:

and you can see some polo g40 with 1.5L and 150PS !!!!

05-18-2003, 11:38 PM
Basically, the history of the G-charger ("G-Lader") began with an invention of L. Creux who had invented the special form of this charger in 1905 (!). Due to technical difficulties in the process of manufacturing, this patented invention wasn't able to gain a wider popularity in engine development.

VW's Chief of development, Prof. Ernst Fiala, rediscovered this invention in 1978 while studying technical essays and decided to reasearch the possibility of using the G-charger in serial engine production.
In 1985, the Polo G40 GT was introduced at the IAA in Frankfurt.
Soon after the announcement of the new supercharged Polo GT G40 model, the Volkswagen factory decided to make an attempt on the international 1300cc class records for speed over 24 hours and speed over a distance of 5000km.
In 1987, a number of 500 VW Polo II Coupe (type code 98C) were manufactured for the racing series "Polo Cup" (final assembly by Volkwagen Motorsport, a division of VW) and for testing the public acceptancy of a high-powered subcompact car. Sold at a price of about 24,000 DM (est. 12,000$), the first series was sold out within days (mostly by workers and employees of VW plants and dealers).
Those who bought this car received a small 2-door coupe with a 5-passenger capacity (although it's close to a violation of human rights to squash more than two passengers in this car :D) and an 1.3l-4-inline engine with a maximum output of 115 hp at 6000 rpm which boosted the car within 8.1 secs from 0-60 and a Vmax of 122 mph / 196 km/h. Further modifications were the modified suspension and the additional high beams in the grill and the bodywork of the "normal" GT Coupe.

With the introduction of the Polo IIf in 1990, VW decided to offer the G40-model again, but with major revisions of the engine (Digifant injection, ECU) to allow the use of catalytic convertors. The power output remained almost the same (now 113 hp). By this time, the sticker price went up to 28,000 DM (14,000 $) for the basic G40 - pretty much for a small vehicle, even if it was outrivalling it's competitors in power but not in equipment. Unfortunately, the reliabily of these vehicles were hampered by production mistakes (of the first charge of IIf's) and high maintenance costs (parts of the G-charger tends to wear off quite fast) which damaged the reputation of the G-concept almost for good (unexperienced drivers who treated the supercharged engines like a normal one did shared their part of guilt, too). Plus, the manufacturing costs were too high in comparision to other supercharging concepts, and the G-chargers died away with the end of the Polo IIf, Corrado and Golf II GTI production lines. One of the last IIf's were offered as a special model "Genesis" (yes, it was actually featuring the name of this band!) with an - for this time - sophisticated stereo and a special painting (dusty mauve).

The concept of the G-charger is still very interesting - it was an attempt of combining the advantages of the turbo charger (higher power output) and the compressor (steady charging even at lower rpm's) in a smaller case.

The majority of the Polo G40's are not in their original condition today, since they still are very popular tuning objects - the attached pic is showing a IIf G40 RHD.

09-21-2003, 10:25 AM
sooo does the G mean anything? Its smaller than a golf but bigger than a Lupo. How many different versions of small do we have here?! Thank Jebus they have the Phaeton. Go gas-burners!

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06-28-2004, 01:40 PM
G40s were only widely available in MK3 (86c2f) guise, and could be said to be the definition of the term 'pocket rocket'. 1272cc motor producing 115bhp wasnt bad in such a small car.

08-09-2004, 04:16 PM
The G is there because the inside bit that scoops the air is shaped like a G.
There were 500 G40s in Britain in the 86c (mk3) Guise, not sure about Europe. In the mk2 version I believe there were 250 in France and 250 In Germany. I have a G40 take a look at my site if you want to see it www.geocities.com/ereeiz you will need to change the page no. manually in the address after page 5 (goes up to 14 or 15).

Take a look here for a G40 tuning place in England:
theres loads of us on there with G40s that have hundreds of pics and info. They easily beat BMW M3's and the like once they are 170-200bhp too

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