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v70r awd

06-16-2004, 05:44 PM
I was looking through the classified adds a few days ago and saw nothing but bland cars until i set my eyes upon this light metallic blue station wagon, i knew it was a volvo but i knew nothing about it. I read the information provided in the add and it said it was a 2000 volvo vr70 awd and said it was rare, i wouldn't know if this was true since i don't know much about volvos. What i did know, on the other hand, was that i like the look of this car, but i still don't know much about it. Would anyone care to tell me some of it's stats?

08-24-2004, 06:59 PM
the v70r awd was(in2000) and is (at this moment) the best that volvo has to offer. a 2.5 5 cilinder turbo intercooled engine. With a nice awd system.

I it quite fast but it stays an comfort car. it drives nice, quite, save and fast. What do you want to know?


02-19-2006, 05:24 AM
this is my dads 1999 Volvo V70R AWD 2.4 265 Auto

fastest standard production volvo ever made (even the new ones and S60R are 6.6 to 60 - this is 6.1)

only about 200 made


02-25-2009, 11:39 PM
if it is a laser blue it is extremely rare. i have a saffron metallic which is nearly as rare but not quite... if you can afford it and its in good shape i would jump on it... mmmm laser blue

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