56 MGA 4sale

06-06-2004, 08:58 AM
I have a 1956 MGA that was professionally restored about 7 years ago. Since that time, it has been driven maybe 300 miles. It is NOT a show car, but rather a very, very nice driver. There are three little problems with the car. (1) The door cable on the passenger side just broke and willl need to be replaced. (2) the windscreen and mounting were never refinished when the car was done (don't ask!) and to make the car really stand out, it should be done. (3) the car overheated a few years back and the paint on the head near the front is discolored and should be resprayed.

The car has is Old English White with tan hides, a new tan canvas top and custom tan side curtains. The car was a frame up restoration by a very good restorer. I have taken a few liberties, because it was intended to be a car for my wife to drive, we converted it to 12 volt Neg. ground and went to electronic ignition; there are chrome wire wheels fitted with radial tires; the headlights are quartz-halogen.

All of the wood (floorboards and rails) were replaced. The car was stripped and repainted, all chrome (except for the windscreen) was either replated or replaced; there is a very nice wooden stearing wheel. No radio and the heater is not hooked up (never driven except in the heat of the summer).

During rebuild, we converted to silicone brakefluid, and the result was not good. The system overheated and applied the brakes while we were driving and ultimately burned out the clutch assembly and caused the engine to overheat. We replaced the clutch and all the brakes and then flushed the system and went back to the original brake fluid and have had no problems since.

Now, since I had the car build for my wife, as a birthday present, she has come down with Lupus and cannot tolerate the sun. She has to have the top up anytime she drives the car, and at my size (6'2", 290#), I can't get in the car with the top up. That leaves us with driving at night, which is not a lot of fun, or of not driving the car at all. My wife doesn't like to drive "the old car" unless I am along, as she has no mechanical ability at all. We are also getting ready to start building a house in Hilton Head for our hopefully not too distant retirement and I would like to sell this car before then. No great rush, I have several years, but figured that I can use the garage space now, so my wife said to sell it.

The car has historic registration here in New York. It is currently registered but does not have a current vehicle inspection. That is not a problem and if the buyer is from New York, I will be happy to get you a new sticker (it hasn't gone 100 miles since last inspection). I had to put in a new battery last weekend in order to get the car to start (old battery wouldn't take a charge), but car purrs now.

I am located in Dutchess County, NY, about 45 minutes from Poughkeepsie, and about an hour south of Albany.

I am going to put this on e-bay when I return from South Carolina on the 15th, but figured I would offer it to enthusiests before then.

I have to take some photos of the car, but the weather is not cooperating (rain!!), but if you are interested, I will be happy to e-mail you some photos once the weather clears.

Please, no tire kickers or people who just want photos.... if you are SERIOUSLY interested, contact me at grady@mailzone.com and I will happy to discuss the car, the particulars and get some photos to you.

Thanks, end of commercial.


08-11-2004, 08:47 PM
It has been sold.


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