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Vauxhall Zafira Spare Wheel Theft

06-01-2004, 08:37 AM
Vauxhall Zafira (http://www.sparewheeltheft.co.uk) Spare wheel theft

I thought I would post this topic just in case anyone reading this forum either owns a Zafira, is thinking of buying a Zafira (http://www.sparewheeltheft.co.uk), or has already had the wheel stolen from theirs…

There is a known flaw with the car that allows the spare wheel to be easily stolen within a matter of seconds.

Vauxhall (http://www.sparewheeltheft.co.uk) are well aware of the problem but as of yet, have refused to do anything about it...

(most likely because they are doing very well as a result of all of the new wheels that are having to be purchased – Demand for the wheels is now so high that Vauxhall (http://www.sparewheeltheft.co.uk) are unable to keep up, and have run out of spare wheels for the car…)

A site has been set up to inform people about the problem and provide real accounts of what people’s experiences have been...

If you are interested, the address is...


No money is being made from the site in any way...

01-21-2007, 04:12 PM
Yes I can see the problem here , Ihad the opposite problem had a blow out early one morning ,came to get the spare off and the bolt had rusted into place ended up snapping and then had to stick the flat in boot and use some tape to keep the cage in place bother !!!!!
so word of warning to u all keep the the thread on that bolt oiled or greased up I recoment the copper grease ,and keep a pair of thin gloves and wet wipes happy motoring all

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