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New Morgan . . .

05-11-2001, 01:32 PM
Here's a photo of the Aero 8:

Powered by a BMW 8 cyl engine I believe

11-04-2001, 09:29 PM
It is indeed powered by a 286bhp BMW 8 cyl, though its rumoured it that Morgan have tuned it and itactually develops a lot more than 286bhp. I wouldnt doubt that at all, as it reaches 60 in under 5. It's a great handling car, superb on twisting roads as well as the superb power to weight ratio of 291bhp/ton. thats just the official quote, but if the engine does indeed develop more than 286bhp, im sure the figure is well above 300bhp/ton.. It was put up against a Boxster S and came out on top, not bad.
heres another pic


11-04-2001, 09:30 PM
and another..

11-04-2001, 09:31 PM
and finally the rear view

05-23-2002, 06:26 PM
i love this car!!!!!!

it has the old english styling and the power to beat todays Porsche's HELL YA

05-23-2002, 06:27 PM
is it true that the headlights when they are turned on that the LEFt one lights up the RIGHT side of the road and vis versa?

05-24-2002, 02:05 PM

05-24-2002, 02:46 PM
thats not true?

05-25-2002, 08:58 AM
not to my knowledge it isnt

feenix z
03-11-2004, 04:53 PM
I still cant beleive they are going to sell that in the U.S. I just fear that it wont sell very well. Just let it be known that if i had the money and the means, there would be one or two parked in my drive way.

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