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which should I buy?

05-05-2004, 10:44 AM
Like most, I'm having trouble deciding between the '04 TL and the '04 G35 Sedan 6MT. I have driven both, and prefer the performance of the G. However, the interior of the Acura greatly exceeds that of the G. I thought maybe getting the wood grain package would solve that problem, but that's not an option with the manual tranny. I have never had a luxury car (I didn't come from a lot of money and have just recently left school with my MBA, so I can finally afford something nice) and really liked the feel of the TL inside. However, I have also seen that there has been a lot of squeaking and creaking problems with the new TLs (new car problems I assume). I was hoping all of you could help me. I am interested in performance and all around package. Thanks so much for all of your opinions.

05-06-2004, 01:08 PM
You should check out www.acura-tl.com for quality control issues on this car. If anyone knows a similar site for the G35, please advise.

06-06-2004, 10:09 AM
I personally dont like either, I would get the coupe! But instead of me being biased this entire post, I will lay some info out for you. When I purchased my G about 3 weeks ago, only two other cars stood into my view. The TL and the M3. First, I looked at the m3. Far superior in performance, luxury, and style. However, so was the pricetag. Over 60K. Next I looked at the TL. I had owned an RSX previously, so I wasn't new to acura. First, I realized that the interior was very nice, and so was the navigation and alll the bells and whistles you get inside. One thing I don't like, is the way they try and make it looks sporty. Look at the exhaust tips, its really only middle finger big, but they put huge tips on it. The biggest downside possible with this car is that it looks a little cheesy, doesn't get compliments and looks as much, and mostly, it is FWD! Also it is mid 30's i believe.

Next I go to infiniti. When I walk in they offer me drinks, snacks, etc. Very polite dealer. I take a look at the coupe and LOVE the appearance. Clean, smooth, stylish, 280hp RWD! They also showed me their new AWD g35X sedan, which looks pretty mean too. Well, I took the g35C for a test drive, and bought it on the spot. The exhaust note is that of a F355 ferrari, the handling is great for the weight, and it will pull an rsx or a Rx-8s doors straight off and back to the assembly line. Great car in every aspect. Sticker was 36,500$ with everything except navi and aero, I got them down to 34,500$ and jumped it.

I hope I encouraged you to get the g35, however both are very very great cars both in style and performance. Good luck.

08-01-2004, 12:29 PM
Looking at the date of your post, this may well be moot but I too had the same dilema and drove both cars back to back. I have previously owned both acuras (legend coupe/five speed and legend sedan for my wife in the eighties) and Nissan (1978 280Z). I was impressed with the Acura but, ultimately did not want a front wheel drive car and found the car too "generic Japanese". I really liked the look of the G35 coupe and could "live" with the interior although I still think it looks too much like a mid-1980's Japanese car interior with the brushed aluminum etc. The performance, quality, style and certainly the price made my decision. It was somewhat of a change from my BMW 540 six speed but I needed to buy new and within a price range that would almost permit me to afford my daughter's college tuition bills.

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