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Bleeder Valve? cool air induction?

04-27-2004, 08:31 PM
Hi guys, I am new to the forum, I was a big mustang and Corvette guy, that is till I got laid off, 3 TIMES! now I have traded everything in for the best little car I have ever had. A V40 wagon. 2000 breed. WHen I was running turbos on GNs and mustangs I used bleeder valves and street chips. well can you use a bleeder valve on the V40? It runs real nice and pulls pretty hard for a 1.9L . Would the cold air induction be worth a s&*(*T or should I just throw a simple K&N in and bleed it up to 19 lbs. Also would an 850 or 940 volvo intercooler cool the charge down well. THere are tons of them on ebay for 80 bucks. From what I can see the stock intercooler is pretty thin. I hear the reprogrammed CPU works but 600 dollars? jeez. maybe I should upgrade the turbo to a better one. let me know what you guys have done and how fast it went. I am going to New England dragway on Friday night to baseline this little guy. I will post my results when I get back. :lol2:

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