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Infiniti/Nissan Exhaust

04-25-2004, 06:10 AM
i wuna ask all the people that have a g35/350z/q45/murano n any other nissan car that has the same exhaust system, i thought that great sound came from only the g35/350z, so i was guessing its the engine, but then i heard the q45 and the murano, and the sound is the same, i wonder how much power you can push from the stock exhaust system, mostly to keep the sound but increase performance, my friend got a coupe, he changed the exhaust n the sound is gone, he was pretty sad, he also chipped his car, pushing it to 8000 redline, and some internal work, but he misses the sound lol, so hes wondering if he puts it back, will performance be effected?

05-24-2004, 01:04 AM
Nissan spent plenty of research time getting that exhaust to sound the way it does. Exhaust notes can sell a car, no? Tampering with the output will result in a different note. Tuning an exhaust is an art - it takes research and millions of Yen to get it to sound that way. Installing an uprated system is gonna have a detrimental effect unless done by a really experienced specialist - better a DE-engine specialist...

If your friend has chipped his car to a 8000rpm redline, he'll kill it pretty quick - all that's done is simply removed the limiter. If you have not done some SERIOUS intake/exhaust work you'll benenfit zilch from rechipping - simply because Nissan have already squeezed all of the horsies out of that motor already, I mean, 280HP is a LOT to ask from a relatively stock 3.5 V6!

Tell him to keep the revs down otherwise a tearful mistake will occur!

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