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Audi Ryder
04-23-2004, 05:00 PM
The best cars of yesterday, today, and the future will exibit some sort of character. At Boykin Racing, our job is focus a manufacturer's product for a particular driver, ..within a realm that is reliable, cost-effective, and within emissions constraints.

When it comes to performance, most people think they want a race car. But this is not so, and they will learn this very quickly. In reality, people want everything in a car: alot of power, alot of style, something that is very exclusive, and dead reliable.

Our cars will be the best in the industry, sporting the most powerful engines (450hp+), exclusive understated styling cues, and interiors worthy of an English coachbuilder's approval. Combine that with a two-year 50K mile all inclusive warranty and 24hr Concierge services, then you have a something that will fulfill your ever desire for a car.

Boykin racing is looking for people with Audis and Porsches to sponsor project cars for us. If you're in the market for a Brabus, Renntech, or Carlsson car, but hate their prices- then give us a call. Our services are fair priced, and we have Investing opportunities available. For more information, call 914-699-4193 or email at jboykin@boykinracing.us

Help us build you the best car on the Planet.

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