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Saab Servicing Queries !!!

04-15-2004, 09:44 PM
I am in the market for a new car and i am chasing after NG900 convertibles and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how much standard and major services at a Saab dealer would cost me and if parts are readily available and don't cost too much because i have been told that Saabs hava numerous problems which prove costly to fix, he was a mechanic but he only got to work on ones thta had problems i geuss. Can anyone tell me if its true what i have heard. And does anyone know what would be cheaper, a BMW 735iL of the same vintage or the Saab NG900 Convertible. i know they come in both 4 and 6 cylinder motors and i wanted to know how well the 4s performed as i am not sure which one to go for.
I don't know much about Saabs but they're pretty good from what i have seen.
ANd with the numerous problems, can anyone tell me what i should look out for when buying a Saab and problems that do occur.

04-16-2004, 06:24 AM
The turbocharged 4 cylinder engines are the best ones, both in performance and reliability. The power from them can easily be increased, the engine internals is infact strong enough to handle about 600 hp.

The DI casette is one of the few weak points on the engine, it's however easily replaced and cost around $300.
Since the engine is using a chain for the cams it don't need to be replaced that often (probably around 250,000-300,000 km), but when it do it cost some money, especially if one needs to pay a mechanic for the job. The car has also a chain for its balance shafts, if this chain or the cam chain needs replacing it can be good to replace both. If the balance shaft chain break it can take the cam chain with it which can be very costly. The balance shaft can also be removed but this will give slightly more vibrations from the engine.

The early models of NG900 had also problem with the poly-v belt used to run the generator, servo pump, water pump and AC compressor but this should be fixed. It can however be good to stay away from the first modelyears.

The weakest point of the car is otherwise probably the gearbox, so one should check the gearbox carefully when buying a Saab, it's also quite costly to fix/replace.

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