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Buying a Triumph

02-09-2004, 08:43 AM
I am in the early stages of buying a 1978 (or 79) Triumph Spitfire. There are a couple of issues with the car and was looking for some guidance from experts

1. Rear negative camber - How much is too much. Is there a way to judge just by looking at the car sitting on level pavement?

2. The car wouldn't start without a boost. Owner said probably the battery but I am thinking charging system.

3. Turned on signal lights and tried horn. After that signals, horn and back-up lights wouldn't work. Fuse?

Answers to these and any other tips would be appreciated.


BTW - 1978 Triumph, hard and soft tops, minilite rims, 95% tires, 88000 km, paint and interior good, recent rebuild of carbs, engine, and trans.

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