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HELP me with my DAMN HALO Headlights

02-06-2004, 12:18 PM
i got the dual halo projectors for my 2001 accord. i just got some xenon H3 bulbs put in and at night, i can't see a damn thing. i tried putting in a 25A fuse instead of the stock 20A and it made it dimmer. the stock 20A is a bit better. my question is: What happens if i use 15A fuse instead of the stock 20A???
or can you suggest anything that can help me at least something at night???

Another question is: can i install H.I.Ds on those projectors and if so, do i need some kind of kit?

BNR34_V-Spec II
02-06-2004, 12:46 PM
sup man, usually, those halogen bulbs do not help much, at all. Dual Halo Headlights? those Angel Eyes type, I supposed right? ok, my best recommendation is go for the HID Kit, that's the only way to help with your after-market headlights projector. Bohmen HID is pretty pricy, you can get Vision HID ... http://www.itsrealstuff.com/index.html <<< you can get the Vision HID Kit from here ... good price. They even have the 8000K HID Kit for only: $425.00, I have the Bohmen HID Kit, 7500K for $530.00, see? big difference in pricing eh? like I said, Bohmen and Vision both made in Germany; but Vision HID saves you some moneys. As far as the fuse may go, not a goot idea, channging from 20A to 15A ??? you're degraded it hommie, you supposedly upgraded it. After I installed the HID for my 1996 Honda Accord, I upgraded the 20A fuses to 30A fuses; because that's what it said in the booklet. If you still using the 15A fuses, they will blow up, trust me. Okay, I'm hoping I am making some senses, hehe, later !!!

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