steeting problems?

02-05-2004, 03:30 PM
Anyone's bongo turns to one side when releasing the hands off steering wheel?

Mine shoots left and its gone to get the 'tracking' set properly. I have owned her for under 48 hours and i'm gutted as i'm missing her. She was involved in some minor accident in Japan and this could be one of the sings. Please check yours well as nothing prepares you for this little surpises. The dealer is being great about it and is looking into this. AVA have been honest since the begining and are making amends as we discover what else could be wrong with her.

Minor stuff, i hope as change of Bongo is an option but i've fallen, badly for this one.

Please wacht this tracking thing as your safety depends on this being set properly. No one can tell about the past of our Bongos and we are all learning.

Any other similar cases?


Go-bon-go! :banghead:

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