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Very unsatisfactory in honoring warranty

01-09-2004, 05:46 PM
What a shock to find that I would get a major run-around on my warranty. The paint on my new car made it only a few week before it flew off in the car wash. I can assure you there is no visible rock chip or any other fault that can be derived from visual inspection but I am being told it will need to seen by a paint inspector a second time. Keep in mind it is a 10 hour drive and here in the Land of OZ no concessions were to be made by the service department for my distance even though I had made the trip once. The car is lovely and handles very well. The dealership that I bought the car from was a dream (Tulsa.) It is unfortunately 9 hours each way. The company Consumer Affairs line for Infiniti is not getting me any satisfaction yet because the dealerships are privately owned. Anyway, if you have to buy one get it in Tulsa.

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