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Major question regarding performance

01-03-2004, 02:49 PM
I have recently had my 1985 900turbo tuned up. It now has a 20psi bypass valve, copper exhaust gaskets, air intake from K&N. The shop that basically restored the engine said that my car will now boost all the way to the end of the red zone on the stock guage inside the dash, and that its going to be a whole different car now. So the other night on an open road at 2AM, with a friend, I let it rip in 2nd, and it boosted ridiculously from 25 to about 50(redline) in like 2sec. Here is where the problem comes in, when i shifted to third, it lagged for a 1/2 second like an turbo car does, and then the Tachometer instantly shot to redline, with the turbo guage maxed out, but the speedo only recored 50mph, it did the same thing in 4th, and 5th. Then there was a nasty burning smell, like i had sat there and smoked the tires all day. So i pulled over and just let the engine run for like 5min, and checked the tires, and they were stripped down to nothing, and i mean nothing. I don't have a clue how much power this car puts out after bringing it to get fixed, and i thought maybey the transmision is poping out of gear, but they looked over the transmission and said it was fine. I don't know why this car boosts the way it does, i have never seen any "stock" saab drive like this. I read that any FWD car with over 220HP needs a traction system and special tires, otherwise the setup doesn't work well. Could anyone offer advice? I really appreciate it, thanks.

01-08-2004, 03:33 AM
ok. here is the issue. the stock apc system will not allow you the engine to boost over 12 psi. There is either something wrong with your apc system, or there is a possibility that the waste gate is stuck shut. Tell me, has your car hit fuel cutoff? it feels like someone slams the brakes on when driving and feels as if engine shuts off and comes back on within a split second.

Check the following things

1. APC Solenoid (located near the radiator and is a small circular thing with 3 hoses connected to it...) check if it clicks when you put the brakes on when the car is running. if it doesnt, you need to replace it.

2. Check the wastegate... if it is locked shut, this is VERY bad for the engine, trust me, i know from experience. Remember, saabs are not supposed to hit such high boost levels. YOU MUST have the proper fuel delivery mods, and a slew of other mods in order to SAFELY run high boost levels.

This mechanic you took it to, ask him exactly what he did. just rebuilding an engine will NOT let your car boost that much.... like i said, saab apc system only lets the car boost at 12 psi.

let me know, AIM me zingZACH

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